Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Six String Jazz does not generally provide refunds unless downloaded files are faulty.

Please take care to correctly download files to your computer. It is advisable to make regular back-up copies of all your important files in case anything should happen to your computer.

Usage Rules
(a) When you purchase a Music or Book File you receive a non-transferable license to use the file for your personal, non-commercial entertainment use.
(i) Infringe the rights of the owner of the copyright and must comply with all applicable laws in your use of the files.
(ii) Synchronize, publicly perform, use in any way for promotional purposes, commercially sell, resell, reproduce, communicate or distribute files, or use the files in any way other than for your personal, non-commercial entertainment use.

(b) These Usage Rules are strict because of intellectual property rights of the materials. You must not do anything with the files that is not authorized in (a) above (including re-sale, rental or allowing or assisting anyone else to do the same).

(c) You must not use or reproduce any Music or Book Files unless you have paid us, or will pay us when due and payable, the charges for those files.

(d) You must not do anything with Streamed Music other than stream it. Specifically, you must not attempt to circumvent or modify any technological measure used to prevent reproductions or downloading of Streamed Music (or assist anyone else to do the same).

(e) Please do not use internet services that promote the illegal distribution of copyrighted music or Books. The Copyright Act of 1968 provides for civil remedies against, and criminal penalties for, people who engage in the unauthorized reproduction, distribution and digital communication of copyrighted materials.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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