chord shapes for jazz guitar

You don’t need to learn 10,000 Chords to master Jazz Guitar! There are approximately 90 chord shapes in this book. Master these shapes and you will have acquired an excellent chord vocabulary! The chords are divided into minor, dominant, and major categories based on a cycle of fourths.  By following the suggestions in this book you will improve your knowledge of the fretboard and obtain the skills necessary to create interesting chordal passages and transitions.

Readers Write:

“Simple book, but very efficient in what it does. Any style of guitarist could benefit from this too, not just a Jazz Kat.”  Lee

“This is a most unique book; and I am taken by its simplicity and depth.” Jeffrey

“The first chord sentence alone is worth the price of the book.   Buy it! Your playing will improve immediately!”  David

“It has opened more doors for me musically than I can ever imagine.” Bryan

“Clear & Useful! Definitely worth having this book”.  Tad

“I downloaded the Kindle edition and love it. I also own the paper version, but I wanted to have it on my computer via the Kindle for PC (it is free). There are Youtube links included that show Dan Papaila going though examples shown in the book and expounding on the concepts. Don’t look at this book as just a chord book. It has chords, but the layout and instruction is what makes it work if you want to learn how and when to play jazz chords.”  Rick

Sample Pages

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All Music FIles  $.99 each

full circle - dan papaila
Full Circle
      1. Full Circle
      2. Spirits up Above
      3. Please Send Me Someone to Love
      4. Speak Low
      5. Watching the River Flow
      6. You Don't Know What Love Is
      7. Back Up
      8. Night and Day
      9. Exactly Like You
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Mike Wofford – Piano | Andy Simpkins – Bass | Larance Marable – Drums

“Papaila’s bluesy blowing is convincing.  In his book, swing, phrasing, round tone, and ensemble interaction apparently come before technical displays.  As one bit of jazz wisdom goes, you spend years learning all you can, and devote the rest of the time deciding what to leave out, Papaila has done just that.”     – – Jim Ferguson /Jazz Times


positively cd dan papaila
      10. Loverman
      11. Prisms
      12. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
      13. When A Man Loves A Woman
      14. Rush Hour
      15. Positively!
      16. That's The Way Of The World
      17. Vera Cruz
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“Best Mainstream Jazz Album”  –   San Diego Music Awards

Johnny “Hammond” Smith –  Hammond B-3 Organ | Sherman Ferguson – Drums                                      Rickey Woodard – Tenor Sax | Tommy Aros – Percussion

“A highly talented and woefully undersung player”  – – GuitarPlayer

dan papaila - solo guitar
Solo Guitar
      18. The Nearness of You
      19. Don't Know Why
      20. It Could Happen to You
      21. Naima
      22. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?
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Dan performs on Solo Nylon String Guitar.