Godin Multiac Performance Tip

Hi Dan,

This might be useful information to other guitarists. I have been using a Godin Multiac solid-body nylon string guitar with RMC pickups to do music for a play with a solid-state electric guitar amp. I noticed that the guitar was uncommonly quiet and free of any 60-cycle hum caused by the dimmer switches used with the stage lighting. I did not have to turn off the volume while I was not playing as it was just as quiet without touching the strings . Yesterday I used a Gibson ES-175 for the play, and it was a disaster with excessive noise through the hum-bucking pickups from the stage lighting. I could not switch guitars once the play started, and the sound quality compared to the Godin was awful. I am strictly using the Godin now for any situation where I am doing solo work and want absolutely no line noise interfering with the performance.

Bob Giesick

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