Joe Pass teaches the 1-6-2-5-1 progression

Here’s a great video of a “Joe Pass” lesson from the 80’s. Lots of good material in this 1 hr video. Don’t try to remember everthing. Just focus on one aspect & try to incorporate it into your playing. (I can help during our next session) Enjoy! Dan Read more »

Wes Montgomery Complete European Video

I discovered this great compilation of Wes on video. All of the 1965 tour video put together nicely. Settle in for 1 1/2 hours of the best jazz guitar imaginable! The candid conversations are amazing. Live in Holland: Wes Montgomery (Guitar), Pim Jacobs (Piano), Ruud Jacobs (Bass), & Han Bennink (Drums) 1. I Love Blues. […] Read more »

Charlie Byrd Trio Plays “Wave”

Here’s a nice fingerstyle arrangement of the Jobim classic “Wave” played on nylon string guitar by the great Charlie Byrd. BTW. Byrd’s version is followed by a wonderful Gail Costa interpretation & the original Jobim version. Continue to listen to thos You-Tube stream & several audio versions of classic bossa’s follow. Nice stuff by Tempo […] Read more »