Skylark Course Comments!

Hi Dan,  So far so good, just have to set aside some time to really dig into this, but I like the videos a lot and it helps to see it in different keys. Thanks again for putting this piece up – a wonderful tune and great jazz guitar learning experience.  I’ll let you know … Read more

Student Comments

Hi Dan, The strings really work fine. They make a big difference. Very interesting is your blog about avoiding feedback! I love your Jobim-medley video on u-tube. I am still practicing your “girl of Ipanema” version – it’s still lot of fun for me trying to get some kind of groove into my playing. Could … Read more

Student Comment!

Here’s my 1st comment: (since the new launch) “Thanks for your inspiration and lesson, I finally found something worth while to invest in, I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to play jazz for some two years now but thanks to you i know i’ll be alright, thanks again!” Special shout out to Sax … Read more