Godin Multiac Performance Tip

Hi Dan, This might be useful information to other guitarists. I have been using a Godin Multiac solid-body nylon string guitar with RMC pickups to do music for a play with a solid-state electric guitar amp. I noticed that the guitar was uncommonly quiet and free of any 60-cycle hum caused by the dimmer switches … Read more

Semi Polished Classical Guitar String Review

Recently I’ve been experimenting with many different types of strings to find the right combination for my Ramirez 2CWE nylon string electric cutaway guitar. As a jazz player my technique on the nylon strings tends to produce squeaks on the wound basses. Since discovering that Savarez offers semi-polished basses & D’Addario carries a recording set, … Read more

D’Addario Chromes & Half Rounds Review

Recently I had the good fortune to meet Jim D’Addario at one of my performances in the Palm Springs area. Jim was kind enough to put me in contact with George Santos, Product Specialist at D’Addario who provided me several samples of D’Addario string products.  So far I’ve tested & shared two of the products that … Read more

Benson’s Hot Rod Deluxe

Here’s a Fender Promo Video on the new George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe model. Very entertaining video with some great moments from King George! These amps go for around $800. I’ve played in a couple of Fender’s similar amps with good results but have not tried the GB Hot Rod. BTW: (There’s a video a … Read more

Laviolette Guitars

Here’s a performance by my student Alex Ciavarelli playing an awesome Laviolette custom nylon string jazz guitar.  After Alex talks about the instrument, he plays a great version of the tune “Beautiful Love” To learn more about Laviolette Guitars, visit Len on the web at: Lavioletteguitars.com