Wes Montgomery Complete European Video

I discovered this great compilation of Wes on video. All of the 1965 tour video put together nicely. Settle in for 1 1/2 hours of the best jazz guitar imaginable! The candid conversations are amazing.

Live in Holland: Wes Montgomery (Guitar), Pim Jacobs (Piano), Ruud Jacobs (Bass), & Han Bennink (Drums)

1. I Love Blues.
2. Nica’s Dream.
3. “Love Affair” Rehearsal.
4. The End Of A Love Affair.

-Live in Belgium- Wes Montgomery (Guitar), Arthur Harper (Bass), Harold Mabern (Piano) & Jimmy Lovelace (Drums)

1. Impressions.
2. Twisted Blues.
3. Here’s That Rainy Day.
4. Jingles.
5. Boy Next Door.

-Live in England- Wes Montgomery (Guitar), Rick Laird (Bass), Stan Tracey (Piano)
& Jackie Dougan (Drums)

1. Four On Six.
2. Full House.
3. Here’s That Rainy Day.
4. Twisted Blues.
5. West Coast Blues.

Charlie Byrd Trio Plays “Wave”

Here’s a nice fingerstyle arrangement of the Jobim classic “Wave” played on nylon string guitar by the great Charlie Byrd.

BTW. Byrd’s version is followed by a wonderful Gail Costa interpretation & the original Jobim version.

Continue to listen to thos You-Tube stream & several audio versions of classic bossa’s follow. Nice stuff by Tempo Rei.

Remembering Johnny “Hammond” Smith

For those Hammond Organ Buffs out there, here’s an update regarding my old boss & friend Johnny “Hammond” Smith.  Since Johnny’s passing in 1997, his recorded music has grown in popularity with many contemporary artists. His Widow (Cheryl Smith) has launched a popular Facebook page & is currently organizing unreleased original music that Johnny wrote.

Johnny on Facebook

Here’s a shot from the Monterey Jazz Fest in 1995.  I was honored to perform with Johnny & many of his pals that memorable eve.

“A Fresh Wind Blows at Monterey”    Photo by Michael Oletta




Pictured: Dan Papaila joins two departed jazz masters; Eddie Harris and Johnny “Hammond” Smith for a moment of festival magic.





“In 38 years at Monterey, I’ve seldom experienced the excitement that the spontaneous organ jam session created in ‘Dizzy’s Den’ on Friday” — Phil Elwood – San Francisco Chronicle

“A Salute to Johnny Hammond Smith” took on a life of it’s own and passed into festival folklore as one of those all time – ya hadda been there – great moments in jazz.” –Robert Tate
“Hundreds stood at the doors of ‘Dizzy’s Den’ on Friday and as the festival ended it’s three day, five concert, four stage run, everyone still spoke of the dazzling display.” — Mae Tate – L.A. Jazz Scene

Benson’s Hot Rod Deluxe

Here’s a Fender Promo Video on the new George Benson Hot Rod Deluxe model.

Very entertaining video with some great moments from King George!

These amps go for around $800. I’ve played in a couple of Fender’s similar amps with good results but have not tried the GB Hot Rod.
BTW: (There’s a video a few posts below this one of me playing some blues through my 335 & a standard Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp)

The 40 watt rating doesn’t impress me but who knows? If you have experience with this amp please share!



“Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You?”

Here’s a video that my Niece shot last year in Omaha, NE.
Playing a gig with some of my Mid-West pals at a club on the Missouri River. Rick’s Cafe Boatyard with Jorge Nila’s group.

Updated Class “The Girl From Ipanema”

Just updated the popular class “The Girl From Ipanema”
by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The new version has improved Sound & Video plus several additional videos.
Included are chord substitutions & alternate changes for several sections of the tune.

Good stuff that you can use in many places on just about any standard tune!
Here’s a link to the Class

Coming Soon: A class on Jobim’s “Wave” by special request.


Monk’s “Round Midnight” by Wes Montgomery

If you haven’t seen this definitive version of the Monk classic “Round Midnight” you’re in for a treat!

Wes’ approach is so natural & fluid that you can almost feel him thinking.
Focus on his rhythm & you’ll begin to understand how to connect phrases.

For a variety of great jazz videos in one spot visit the sixstringjazzguitar channel on YouTube.


Student Comments

Hi Dan,

The strings really work fine. They make a big difference. Very interesting is
your blog about avoiding feedback!

I love your Jobim-medley video on u-tube. I am still practicing your “girl
of Ipanema” version – it’s still lot of fun for me trying to get some kind
of groove into my playing. Could you teach me another Jobim song or some other bossa nova song as custom session?

Peter (Germany)

Nylon Jazz Guitar String Tips

I play a Ramirez 2CWE Nylon String Jazz Guitar & use the Savarez Semi-Polished Basses that greatly reduce Squeaks & Noise! Buy the Bass Set separately since you don’t need to replace the trebles each time you replace the Basses. The agony of strings stretching on the gig is also greatly reduced!

4th. 5th. & 6th Strings:
Savarez Corum Polished Bass Set: Standard Tension Red Card .030 -.042

I replace Trebles every 2-3 intervals of Bass string replacements & prefer the High Tension.

E or 1st: Savarez Alliance Plain KF Treble High Tension .025, (Savarez 541J)

B or 2nd: Savarez Alliance Plain KF Treble High Tension .027, (Savarez 542J)

G or 3rd: Savarez Alliance Plain KF Treble High Tension .033, (Savarez 543J)

You can order these at JustStrings.com

Post a comment & Let us know how these work out?


Archtops & Feedback by Dan Papaila

A few tips on How to reduce feedback from your Arch-Top Jazz Guitar:

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you need to play with more volume or more presence in band situations. Often I’ll find myself playing in a Hammond Organ group & the B-3 player has a heavy foot on the expression pedal or I’m playing some R&B at a casual gig? Many times I don’t have the luxury of a line-out connection to a PA. Here are a few solutions that many players have used:

1. Taping your F-Holes.
You can usually just tape the upper F-hole or put a foam plug into it.
Anything will work…. use a sock or check out Doug’s Plugs for pre-cut custom plugs.

2. Try Moving around the stage. I played an ES-175 without taping or plugging the F-Holes for years in a very loud funk band. I was able to work around the feedback by standing in different spots on the stage. Try to stand about 8 Feet in front & to one side of the amp if possible.

3. Different rooms seem to resonate at different frequencies. There’s usually one note that creates the problem. Figure out what the note is & play around it!

4. Lower the individual pickup screws under the offending strings. (Usually the the 6th & 5th string)

5. Experiment with different Strings. Some strings seem more booming that others.

6. Wax Dipping the pickups. (Used to be a solution, not sure how many folks do this today?)

7. Pick up a 335 for louder gigs! They are amazingly versatile guitars & can sound very close to an arch-top.

8. Try using a solid state head like the Fender JazzMaster Ultralight (discontinued – check Ebay) or Acoustic Image.I recently discovered that using my Twin Cabinet with the Fender JazzMaster Ultralight Head provides awesome sound & volume with zero feedback! Unplug the twin speakers in back & leave the amp off. You’ll need a female x female ¼” adapter to connect to the Ultralight.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts & tips in the comment field!