Dan is “Slightly Stoopid!”

“Top of The World”  Slightly Stoopid’s  new album was recently released. Congrats to the fellas on well deserved success. One of my Students Kyle McDonald is a founding member of this popular group. Believe it or not they had me (AKA “Papa Dan”) add a few licks to the new release! (listen for some bluesy […] Read more »

Amplifying your Arch-Top by Dan Papaila

It’s hard to beat the tonal warmth of a good arch-top! The way they feel & resonate on the stage helps to strengthen the connection between player & instrument. But arch-tops are challenging instruments to amplify. Here’s the scoop from my experience of playing arch-tops for the last 40 + years. The amps I’ve listed […] Read more »

5 Reigions of the Guitar

Here’s two of the 5 recurring Fingering patterns/shapes of the guitar. 5 shapes 3rd – 5th fret Master these shapes and your playing will improve dramatically! These 5 shapes or regions encompass all of the modes & are the key to soloing on the guitar. To learn more enroll in the online Course; Soloing Basics […] Read more »


A couple of useful IPAD apps that I’ve come across. If you have any additional recommendations please share! Dan 1. Amazing Slow Downer: Allows you to reduce the tempo of tunes in your song list without changing keys. (great for learning difficult lines or practicing at a slower tempo – Aebersold play-a-longs) 2. ForScore: You […] Read more »

Student Comment!

Here’s my 1st comment: (since the new launch) “Thanks for your inspiration and lesson, I finally found something worth while to invest in, I’ve been struggling trying to figure out how to play jazz for some two years now but thanks to you i know i’ll be alright, thanks again!” Special shout out to Sax […] Read more »